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Falling down has never been this adorable. 

Makes ice look nice.

Reblogging for my Dad and Sister

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I was an ObamaCare guinea pig



I signed up. I saved. And so will millions of Americans. 

Why is this on FoxNews? What is happening?


Three days later, and the columnist is no longer working for Fox. Surprised?

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Does “Hala” mean crazy or dumb?

So Real Madrid pay 85 million pounds for Bale, then sell Ozil for around 40? They’ve effectively paid 40 million pounds to make their team worse.

Fancy a swap deal - Adebayor for Benzema?

Hala Madrid. More like Haha Madrid.

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Some thoughts on the impending Gareth Bale transfer

I’ve been thinking about the Gareth Bale to Real Madrid saga, which is likely to end sometime over the weekend, although Los Blancos have shown their utter lack of class once again by jumping the gun and offering “Bale 11” kits on their website prematurely.

First, I’ve realized what the “special relationship” that Tottenham and Real Madrid share means. When Spurs sold Modric to RM last summer many speculated that part of the deal was an agreement that Spurs would give RM first buying rights to Bale. But during this transfer window it has become clear that our “special relationship” actually gives Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy the ability to use RM as his own personal ATM. The Bale deal is another example of Levy-nomics, except that this time the club Levy has over the barrel is none other than the great Real Madrid. RM are about to have overpaid for a player who isn’t as good as their current world transfer record-holder (who is an egomaniac as well), and who probably doesn’t even make much sense for them tactically, as they already have Di Maria, Ronaldo and Ozil. The deal is expected to be upwards of 90 million Euros, which is far more than Bale is worth. I admit that Real did a great job of tapping up Bale during the summer and turning his head with their classless and endless comments about him. Eventually he was bound to want to leave; it is Real Madrid after all. But here’s the thing - if they are such a big club, such an irresistible force, then why couldn’t they get Bale for closer to what he’s really worth - 40 or 50 million easily, but not much more? Because Spurs don’t have to sell, because Perez has to show Madrid supporters that he can keep up with Barcelona, and because Daniel Levy, that’s why. So even though the last time these two clubs went head to head on the pitch, Real spanked Spurs (thanks for getting sent off, Peter Crouch), this time it’s Spurs and Levy who are doing the spanking.

Second, as far as being able to “replace Bale,” who would want to? I know that sounds crazy, but when you look at the number of goals he scored for Spurs last year, and the number of points he won for Tottenham all by himself, you have to ask: Why would any team ever want to be that reliant on one player alone? Just look at Barcelona without Messi in the Champions League last year. Without Bale last year, Spurs wouldn’t have finished nearly as high up the table, even though the squad was pretty good. This year, the squad is much, much better, and the team hasn’t even spent any potential Bale money yet. The additions of Soldado, Paulinho, Capoue and Chadli have been great acquisitions, and deals that were completed early for once. If Spurs sign Erik Lamela next week this will easily be the best Spurs squad I’ve ever seen, even without Bale. We still need another central defender (we’re apparently about to tie up the deal for Vlad Chiriches), but most importantly we still need a true creative midfielder. Which brings us to…

Willian. Who had agreed to a deal with Spurs before Billionaire fantasy soccer owner Roman Abramovich and his evil #2, Jose Mourinho, started to worry about the squad we’re assembling in North London and decided to sweep in and offer a bit more. Well, I have no problem missing out on a player with so little footballing ambition that he first went to play for the highest bidder in Russia, and now will be content playing every third game at Chelsea along with Juan Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Ramires and Schurrle (ask Marko Marin about Chelsea’s bench, if you can find him). Now apparently Mourinho doesn’t rate Mata (Chelsea’s best player last season) very highly, which is astounding for a manager of his caliber (three no Champions League trophies in his three years at RM). But Jose is pretty cheeky, as this Willian business shows. Well I think a cheeky bid for Mata might be just the solution to our midfield creativity problem at Spurs. After all, we have Daniel Levy, and pretty soon we’ll have around one-tenth of a billion Euros to splash.

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Our current Kickstarter is a little over 21% funded with only 9 days to go.

If you can, please back our project, and if you can’t, please signal boost this post.  All of us here at Eggplant believe very strongly that this is an important project, and I’d like to take a moment to tell you why:

Chimamanda Adichie gave a TED talk called “the Danger of a Single Story.”  In it, she talks about how, as a child, she only read books about white, blue-eyed European children, and went on to write her own stories… about white blue-eyed European children.  She says:

"What this demonstrates, I think, is how impressionable and vulnerable we are in the face of a story, particularly as children… I had become convinced that books by their very nature had to have foreigners in them, and had to be about things with which I could not personally identify."

Elsewhere on Tumblr, I ran across a story about how a ten-year-old had been shaped by the media which he had consumed:

My son thought that the reason there were so few people of colour in cartoons, in movies and in the media more generally, was because there are more white people in the world.

[…] When we got talking about it and he realized that in fact the majority of the world isn’t white, he said, well maybe the stories of people of colour are not worth telling. Maybe that is why these stories don’t get told. 

Maybe there are so few female characters because women are all more similar so there is no point in having a lot of them, whereas men are more different so you need more. Maybe it is the same with people of colour, maybe there are so few because they are all the same.

Children and adults need diverse stories because the world is diverse.  We should all be able to see the world through new perspectives, told by a range of voices with experiences unlike our own - and, more importantly, give kids whose identities aren’t already represented in mainstream media a chance to have this moment.

I believe that ‘Spellbound and Spindles’ is an important project, but I don’t think it should have to exist.  It shouldn’t have to exist because we should live in a world where mainstream media is already diverse.  Backingour Kickstarter is just one way in which we are trying to create that better, more inclusive world - please help us, if you can.  

(…not to mention: backing us gets you any number of sweet rewards, including copies of the limited edition hardcovers we hope to produce.)

We have 5 days left and are 34% funded.  If ever you were thinking of backing us, now would be the time.  Please reblog and back us.  Thank you so much for your support!

Just came across this post and thought “What an incredible idea, why aren’t they funded yet?” If you like books and reading and diversity and fairy tales, then you should seriously take a second to check out this project.  And if you don’t like any of those things, maybe you should consider reblogging this post anyway because you might have a follower who does. 

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I want to hold the stars.

-my daughter, tonight, as I put her in the car.

Right before my heart exploded all gooey in my chest.